Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the restoration of a primordial blog

I have re-started this blog more times than Newt Gringich has remarried. I am a hard working student who has some of the most cockamamie circumstances set against me. Sometimes I wish I could make some of this stuff up. This past break has been eventful, but otherwise when I am in class during the semester I don't do anything but sleep, shit, and study; hopefully I can add work to that list of endeavors.

Here is a bit about me, besides reading my "about-me" section. I am a student at the University of Missouri. I study nutrition and exercise physiology. I have a keen interest in neurology, surgery, neuromuscular system, musculoskeletal system, physical rehabilitation, and sports medicine. I am still struggling with all I want to accomplish with my life even though I am so young (21 years of age). I work adamantly on my studies for school and I stumble quite a bit. I do not have the grades to make into medical school right away and that's a hurtful realization. It is still possible that I can raise my GPA (I am at a 3.0). I have been considering other routes such as being a physical therapist or being a physician assistant. I try hard not to give up on my aspirations, but it gets difficult sometimes.

Today was an eventful day. I am in Saint Louis, Missouri right now for break and so I had to travel back to where I go to school, Columbia, Missouri, so I could be interviewed at the University Hospital for a job as a pharmacy technician. Please send positive thoughts! I really want this job!


naturgesetz said...

Good luck with the job and with finding the best career path.

Aek said...

Good luck with everything! The paths in health and medicine aren't easy roads to take, much less get on! You've gotta be persistent and think of other ways of reaching your goals. Where there's a will there surely is a way, some ways just take a bit longer than others.