Monday, January 9, 2012

gambling, family, and my torture for the next semester

Well, I went gambling with my family the other day, boy did I lose or what. The moment I got there it was like the machines knew I was coming and were confabulating with each other, "oh, Tim is coming! I think we all should take his money and not let him win a penny" ...they were pretty damn good at doing it too. *sigh*

I will admit I could go to a casino for hours to people watch. You find the most captivating people there. From high ballers to ladies with so much skin pulled they look like a rag doll. The only thing that drives me nuts is the amount of smoke that is in the casino, I feel every smoker in the area calls each other and all go at the same time. So on top of the first hand smoke that these people get, they get more second hand smoke which just...ick. Another thing I notice at the casinos is where ever I am, the person next to me wins big. So if any of you see me at a casino, please, sit next to me, you will win big.

I had a wonderful time with my family though, especially after the casino. We all cooked a large meal and it was tasty. Then I got to play with my nephew and niece which are the best kids in the world, but they are pistols. If only I could bottle their energy. I played tackle the kids with Ethan and McKinley. This turned into me being very sore because a couple days ago I strained my gluteus maximus. I would love to know what I did, but it kills! It is getting better, but it's left me unable to exercise for a few days. Even though I told the kids that I was hurting, they thought it was a suggestion to not tackle me, so proceeded to do it anyway...oh well, just pop some ibprufen and i'll be fine.

I am gearing up for the semester to come. This semester will very tough, but my goal is to ace all my classes. I will be taking more organic chemistry, biochemistry, human nutrition classes, and advanced athletic training. I am excited to get this underway and just finish this all, but I know I am going to be pulling my hair out again and again. I have some new goals though with this school year and i am really trying to stick to them. Well my addiction to chick fil a is kicking in...

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